DIY Cucumber Mint Body Scrub

I have always loved consuming cucumber no matter in what form.  Cucumber is great in a salad with a little red onion, tomatoes and a nice red wine vinaigrette; or sprinkled with feta cheese and balsamic to just sliced and eaten just like that.  Most recently I started adding cucumbers to our green smoothies...heavenly.  Not only is cucumber good for you on the's great for your skin.  Just to mention if your eyes are puffy...add cucumber slices.  Cucumber contain antioxidants and flavanoids that reduce swelling.  They are also hydrating and cooling.  

Try this handmade cucumber body scrub for your next self care day!  And when your done using can actually eat the left overs I did and it's

 Before you go running to your fridge or to the supermarket or if you still need some convincing here are a couple more reasons to use cucumber and mint in your skincare routine: Cucumbers may be able to fade dark circles as I mentioned earlier due to the antioxidants, flavanoids and silica contained in them.  It contains ascorbic acid that may aid in the reduction of the puffy eyes.  Cucumbers are known to fade freckles...i actually love my me character; fade scars and pigmentation, tighten pores and rid of cellulite.  Mint also can tighten pores and to help rid of acne contains salicylic acid...

For two uses you will need the following:  


1/4c Cucumber Cubed with Skin

2- TBSP Melted Coconut Oil cooled (you can use Olive Oil but increase the sugar)

3/4-1 C- Sugar of choice (but for aesthetics use white) 

1-2 large mint leaves or 1 sprig of mint

 A clean sanitized container of your choice with lid. 

Blender, or food processor

Step One:

Blend cubed cucumber, mint and melted coconut oil together until smooth.  

Step Two:

Pour liquid mixture into the sugar until you get the desired consistency.  Remember, the scrub will solidify at room temperature due to the coconut oil.

Step Three:

Mix together and either use right away or wait til it solidifies in order to scoop it out.  Use in the shower, rinse and pat dry.  Use moisturizer if needed. 

This can be used one to two times per week.  

This simple scrub can last for about two weeks and keep refrigerated.   

 Questions...?  Please comment below! 

And remember...

Love your body a little more....

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