The story behind Cherish & Swain co

How did this happen?

My journey started out in 2008... like many small business owners before me...due to some sort of crisis. My first born at the age of three months had a severe case of baby acne.  I couldn't believe it!  My beautiful happy, plump baby girl was covered in these hideous little bumps.  As a not so young single mom who was new to Baltimore Md...I'm originally from Pittsburgh, Pa...and yes a die hard Steelers fan... I desperately searched for a more a more economical chemical free way to address this issue.  I have always been a clean eater  and so that led me to the farmers markets around Baltimore.  Each market had the soap makers and someone who made good old shea butter.  I researched shea butter and began to heal my baby's face.  Once I started to see results, I wanted to learn more and provide clean products for her. Shea butter products turned into a two year long journey learning about making soap the cold processed way and in 2011 I finally opened up my first ETSY shop under Lola & Olivia Bath and Body. In 2014 I gave birth to another baby girl who around the same age, struggled with the same skin issues.  This time I was able get control of it before it became worse. 

    I am a licensed therapist by day and love to serve others and assist them in the process of feeling their best selves.  That is how I feel about our products...we want you to feel like your best self. 

"Love yourself a little more...your body will love you back!"

Markeeta Jones